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Super short version: I love visual languages, typography, modern calligraphy, watercolor, surface pattern design, and basically all things beautiful.

Longer version: Hey! I'm Milena Brandao, a graphic designer living and working in São Paulo, Brazil. 

 I have always had three main interests or inclinations: Arts, languages and human psychology. After I finished school, I started with Languages. 

After a 2-year long trip to Europe (Italy, France and England) I started my degree on English (in Brazil, it's called Letras, with emphasis on English). After 3 years of study and lots of teaching in the middle, I've decided I wanted to explore another path. 

So, I started my degree on Psychology. It was a very happy period of my life. I was working on my mind and body, and soul. I was dancing, doing Astrology readings, studying Chinese Medicine, Taoism, Ayurvedic medicine, exploring myself and others, inside and out. 

I've worked for 10 years with private psychotherapy. But something changed after I had my child and I've decided to turn what had always been a hobby into my full time job. Graphic Design. 

For years, my work has focused mainly on logos and branding. I love the simplicity and synthesis ability implied in logo making. I love the idea of conveying multiple messages with one image. I love to create consistent, cohesive visual language. And I love working with a purpose in mind, an end. I also love helping people. Businesses are extensions of people. 

Graphic design, for me, is a happy combination of communication, aesthetics and purpose. 

I'm interest in your work. How does it work?


Talk to me. I want to hear what you need. I'll have a bunch of questions to make about the project and only afterwards, I can give you a quote.


If we both agree on working together, I'll complete the brief, give you a quote and we can define the conditions. 


Now the fun part! I will put my best work on your project. I will present you with my ideas and ask for feedback along the way. 


If we did a good job in the briefing, we won't need too many adjustments or reviews. Are we happy? Then we can wrap it up!

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